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Kangaroo Cup

This year there will be a new internal club competition, the Kangaroo Cup, an Australian pairs event.

Teams will be split into four groups. The format will be a short series of group matches followed by semi finals and finals.  Matches will consist of eighteen ends.

You may enter either as a partnership or an individual, in which case you will be assigned a partner in a random draw.  Teams may be single or mixed sex, but in order to conform to ancient esoteric Aboriginal folklore, no team may consist of two members whose surnames both contain the letters D, G, L and R.

Aussie pairs is a popular form, as it gives each member of a team the chance to both lead and skip, so make sure to sign up early as numbers may have to be limited to conform to the format if demand is high.  A sign-up sheet will be available from registration day.

If anyone’s not familiar with Aussie pairs, it works like this:

Alice and Bob are a team.  Alice (say) bowls first, with Bob at the head end offering information, and advice as appropriate.  After Alice has delivered two bowls, she and Bob swap places and Bob delivers all his four bowls.  They then swap places again, and Alice delivers her final two bowls. In the next end, roles are reversed.  Bob delivers two bowls, then Alice four, then Bob two.  And so they alternate over the course of the match.

Full details for the event will be published once numbers are known, but if you’ve got any queries, contact me on and I’ll try to answer them.

Happy bowling!

Jim Pearson 

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