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1. Format - Teams will be arranged into four groups. Every team will play each other team in the same group once. The winners of each group will progress to the semi-finals. Winners of these will play the final at some stage during the club finals weekend.


2. Scoring - Matches will be of eighteen ends played under Australian pairs rules. A coin toss will decide which team starts. One shot only will be scored on each of the first two ends. Two points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.When all matches have been completed, the group winners will be the team with the greatest points score. In the event of a tie, the result will be decided by greatest overall shot differential, and then if necessary by number of shots scored.Score sheets should be kept as usual, and on completion of a match should be filed in the clubhouse. The scores should be entered on the fixtures list.


3. Scheduling - Matches must be played before the deadline date. It is the responsibility of the team listed first in the fixtures list to arrange an acceptable time with their opponents. This should be as early as possible in case adverse weather causes postponement. A penalty of 1 shot per team per day late will be imposed if the deadline is not metwithout a valid reason.


4. Withdrawal - If a player is unable to play a match, then a substitute may be used if one is available.If a player or team withdraws, due to illness or injury for example, an attempt will be made to find substitutes. If this is not possible, then:(i) If the team withdraws before playing any matches, all their matches will be deleted from the fixture list.(ii) If a team withdraws after playing at least one game, shots and points will be awarded for unfulfilled matches to teams remaining in the competition based on shot average after all matches have been played.


5. Arbitration  - Any queries or disputes should be resolved by referral to the competition's:

Mediation And Resolution Symposium: Upholding Probity Integrity And Logic,

more commonly known by its acronym or as the kangaroo court. The membership of this is Jim Pearson and no others.

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